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Corporate Information

Please check the management information
and stable financial information of Kocom.

Management Information

Investment information of KOCOM for the rational and transparent management

KOCOM presents accurate financial statements and performances and implements rational
and transparent management to realize the maximization of the corporate value.

Credit rating
Rating agency ECREDIBLE Credit rating A+
Settlement date 2016.12.31 Cash flow rating A
Credit rating
Settlement date Evaluation date Credit rating Cash flow rating Watch ratings
2016.12.31 2017.03.23 A+ A Top
2017.05.07 Current
2015.12.31 2017.03.23 A+ A
2014.12.31 2016.03.23 A+ A
Credit Rating
Credit rating Rating Definition Cumulative distribution
AAA AAA Highest level of ability to fulfill debt 0.01%
AA AA+ The ability to fulfill the obligations is very good, but there are some elements to heat up rather than AAA 0.05%
A A+ Good ability to fulfill obligations, but more likely to be affected by economic downturn and environmental changes compared to the upper grades 0.5%
BBB BBB+ The ability to fulfill the debt is good, but it is possible that the ability to fulfill the obligation will be deteriorated due to the economic downturn and changes in the environment in the future. 12%
BB BB+ There is no problem with the performance of debt obligations, but there are speculative factors in terms of stability depending on economic conditions and changes in the market environment. 40%
B B+ Although there is the ability to fulfill the obligations, there is a possibility that the debt will be incurred when the future economic environment deteriorates. 83%
CCC CCC+ It is very speculative because it implies the possibility of defaulting at the present time. 92%
CC CC There is a high likelihood of default 94%
C C There is a high probability that a debt event will occur 98%
D D Currently in default status 100%
Define cash
flow class
A(CR-1) Cash flow generation capability is very good and stable.
B(CR-2) Cash flow generation capacity is good, but its stability is somewhat higher than upper grade.
C+(CR-3) Cash flow generation capacity is usually higher than expected, but there is a possibility of cash flow deterioration due to economic conditions and environmental deterioration in the future.
C-(CR-4) There is a possibility of cash flow deterioration due to economic conditions and environmental deterioration in the future.
D(CR-5) The ability to generate cash is low or the amount of cash flow generated is less than total borrowings.
E(CR-6) There is little ability to generate cash flow or very low amount of cash to be borrowed.
NF The financial statements are not reliable or have incomplete financial information (for example, if there is no cost statement).
NR Cash flow calculation for less than 2 years
WATCH rating
normal Considering the changes in the economic environment and internal factors, the credit rating is likely to remain stable.
caution The current credit rating is likely to decline. Companies that need attention (small and long-term overdue companies)
warning Companies with high probability of bankruptcy (high amount, long-term delinquent company)
bankruptcy Overdraft transaction
release Financial failure or information deletion company
close down A company that has filed a complaint with the Internal Revenue Service
Closed A company that has filed a suspension of business with the National Tax Service
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